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Curious about Rust lately? I'm building an accessible and thorough course, especially for JavaScript developers.

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Ok, hold on hold on – What?

Rust from scratch ;)

If you're a JavaScript developer like me, you might've been curious about Rust lately. A lot of modern JavaScript tooling (like Rome) is being re-written in Rust. This is because Rust compiles to efficient binaries that run fast! However, Rust is far more approachable than languages with similiar characteristics (like C and C++) and comes with many built in mechanisms that make writing reliable code easier than ever!

Rust for JS Developers is a new course that uses your familiarity with JavaScript to teach you Rust. We’ll cover language fundamentals, popular patterns in Rust and the package ecosystem.

Oh, and along the way, we’ll build:

  • An API server
  • A simple key value store
  • A simpler bundler

Who You’re Learning with

Hi, I’m Sid!

I write JavaScript for a living and currently work at Gatsby, Inc as a Staff Software Engineer. I've helped build and maintain gatsbyjs for the past few years and have recently been helping build Hosting and Functions on Gatsby Cloud.

I've been writing Rust for a while now and have read and researched plenty so you won't have to. I hope you'll join me by taking this course.

Everything you need to know


Why Rust?

Learn what makes Rust unique and makes it fast and reliable


Installing dependencies and compiling using the package manager

Numbers, Booleans and Strings

Basic Rust data types and their behaviour

Structs and Traits

Abstractions to make your own data types

Functions and Closures

Functions, methods and closures in depth

Common Data Structures in Rust

Vectors, linked lists, tries and more

Mutability and Ownership

The magic Rust memory model simplified

Pattern Matching

Switch cases on steroids


Handling and recovering from errors in your Rust program


Stress free concurrency, work stealing and more

Testing and Debugging

Helpful patterns and tools to test and debug your Rust code

Ecosystem Packages

Equivalent packages to the most popular JavaScript libraries

Frequently asked questions

What is the format of the course?

The course will include illustrated text, videos and coding exercises to keep your learning experience interesting. There will also be a text only eBook version.

What prerequisite knowledge must I have before I take this course?

Familiarity with JavaScript or general programming fundamentals will be helpful. You don’t need to know any Rust before taking this course.

I already know Rust. Should I take this course?

If you’re already familiar with Rust but would like to build on your knowledge, feel free to take the course!

What if I don’t like the course?

I’ll refund your purchase within 30 days, no questions asked! I would definitely appreciate hearing what you didn’t like but that is not a requirement.

Do you support purchasing power parity?

There will be a single price for preorders but the final course release will support purchasing power parity.

What if I get stuck?

The course comes with access to a private Discord channel where you’ll be able to chat with other learners and me! I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

How much will this course cost?

I haven’t decided on a final price yet and will as we get closer to release. Stay tuned!

Will there be a Discord group?

Yes! When you buy the course, you’ll be invited to a private Discord channel.

When will the course be released?

The course will be released this winter. Once preorders are open, I'll be opening up early access.

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